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Click here for more info on Bahama Bay Resort  
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Invest in Bahama Bay capital gains have been steady at 20% per year!
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Why invest in Bahama Bay

Excellent annual capital growth over over- 20% gains last year in Orlando. Florida as a whole has a track record over the last 20 years of growth at 7% per year.

Rental income covers the cost of the mortage and management fees. We have now several years of accounts showing rental income and expenditures. Yes you have to get some rental bookings yourself through websites. But these are set up for you and sold as part of our units. Hence saving you the cost of seting these up with top ranking positions on Google and Yahoo.

Our locations are excellent on the resort and show a good track record as good renters.

All the condos on the resort are identical internally. They are maintained by the management company are in top tip condition, subject to warranty deed by the developer.

Bahama Bay condos are now cheap in comparision with their comparables across Orlando. The grand bahamas are $153-160 per square foot. This represents real value and excellent opportunity.

I think that the maket is artificially low at the moment due to the high numbers of uk investors who are fliping these condos and as soon as these are cleared our the capital growth will shoot up again. This is a perfect 3 year plus opportunity.

Now that the management company has been changed, the rental rates for the properties is trending up and levels of occupancy are increasing. This can only act as a positive factor to drive up the prices across the resort. All the main tour operators are there. Guests come from all over the world to stay at Bahama Bay, the level of returning guests is increasing every year, as they discover the value that bahama bay offers. The tie up with Integra company means that they are able to offer special promotions like free flights and refundable gas money to get guests into the resort.

Condo that are pre sold in nearby resort are significantly more money for a 3 bed platinium you can pay up to $457-472 for a 3 bed condo on the Palisades resort which is only 2 miles up the road. The build standard is the same. However the sq ft is only 1500 verus 1739 here at bahama bay. The Caribe Cove resort the prices are mid $360's

Over time prices will level themselves out my view is that the Palisades will come down a bit and Bahama Bay will move up a bit to late 375's early 400's would be a nice medium term 3-5 years position.

When you look around in the orlando davenport area you cannot buy anything near to bahama bays quality and floorspace near these prices. That just makes sense to me.

Grand Bahama 3 bed Platinums - $275,000 & $270,000

Andros 2 bed Platinum - $237,000

Caribe Cove 2 bed Platinum - $290,000

Please give me a call to discuss 011 44 7799116540 or

We can help you arrange a 80% loan to value mortgage, with no fees which is a self certification deal at 6% for 5 years. If you want to set this up as an american or offshore company we can explain how to do this and who to use and the various pros and cons.

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